Cashmere Wool

All Fleece products are provided with Cashmere wool, a type of wool from the Kashmir goat. The Kashmir wool is a fine and very soft, supple fiber. The wool is named after the Kashmir region in India, Pakistan and China. The original goat breeds come from this area.

Fleece Tights

The Fleece Tights are the thinnest variant in legwear. Perfect for under a dress or as casual tights.

Fleece Slim

Our fleece leggings are the perfect in-between size in thickness. Between trousers and tights, these leggings are perfect to wear under dresses and outfits during the extra cold days.

Fleece Deluxe

The Easylux Fleece Deluxe is the thickest variant and can therefore also be worn as trousers. Perfect for the cold colors.

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